Recipe request: asyncio "spin off coroutine"

Frank Millman frank at
Thu Dec 15 02:19:03 EST 2016

"Marko Rauhamaa"  wrote in message news:87vaulitxe.fsf at
> "Frank Millman" <frank at>:
> > I changed 'await self.close()', to 
> > 'asyncio.ensure_future(self.close())'.
> >
> > Problem solved.
> A nice insight.
> However, shouldn't somebody somewhere in your code be keeping track of
> the returned task?

I don't know. What is the worst that could happen?

My way of looking at it is that it is similar to setTimeout() in javascript. 
I am requesting that the enclosed function/coroutine be scheduled for 
execution at the next available opportunity in the event loop. In 
javascript, I don't keep track of it, I just assume that it will be executed 
at some point. Is it not reasonable to do the same here?


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