Best attack order for groups of numbers trying to destroy each other, given a victory chance for number to number attack.

skybuck2000 at skybuck2000 at
Fri Dec 16 07:31:31 EST 2016

A nice chinese-like saying might have come out of this, perhaps it even already exists:

"When you confused, the answer might be fused !" :)

Sounds like TZen Su ! That dude from Art of War or something like that :)

I will take this chance to correct a little pretty obvious typo corrected:

(*) Tank X changed to Tank Y

So let's say Tank X sneaks up on Tank Y and Tank X manages to hit the (*) Tank Y in the back... then Tank X's victory chance is much higher then if Tank X was sneaked up on by Tank Y... in that case Tank X's victory chance would be much lower.

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