Best attack order for groups of numbers trying to destroy each other, given a victory chance for number to number attack.

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Sat Dec 17 17:55:03 EST 2016

Specially for Dennis, a nice story:

There are four little animals. The first animal is a tiger, the second animal is a deer, the third animal a parrot, the fourth animal is a fish.

The animals are very angry at each other and want to EAT each other ! =D

However each animal has a certain specialization. For example, the tiger has very sharp teeth, but can't hold it's breath for long under water.

The parrot has the ability to drive others insane with his chilping. The fish can lure other animals into the water in hopes of drowning them. 

And the deer can lure them into the swamp or make them fatigued from chasing them.

Fortunately for the four animals they don't need to EAT each other because another group of animals have arrived which are exactly like them.

So the four animals have decided to gang UP like negros in the GETTO ! LOL.

It's now GANG vs GANG.

But the poor little animals have run into a problem ?! Which of the other four animals should they EAT first ?! Or should they even attack multiple at the same time ?!

Should the tiger fight the tiger ?

Should the fish fight the fish ?

Should the parrot fight the parrot ?

Should the deer fight the deer ?

Or perhaps ?

Should the tiger eat the fish first ?

Should the fish try to drown the tiger first ?

Should the tiger and the fish gang up on the tiger ? But what about the enemy fish ? What will it do ?

Should all four animals attack the enemy tiger ? or another animal ?

Also for the gang to achieve victory all four enemy animals must be EATEN !

Now these animals wonder to themselfes ?

How should we attack the enemy ? Who should we attack first ? 

Every individual attack has a chance of success as given by the victory table. (A survival table could be calculated as well. Which would be the inverse of this).

Many possibilities for attack exists ?!

Which one do you recommend for them ?! 

Keep in mind that each animal is free to decide it's own attack plan. They do not need to agree with you.

Imagine yourself to be one of the animals.

Which attack strategy for yourself would be best to use to maximize your GANG of winning, no matter what other attack plans the animals have.

An example of a possible attack:

Red Tiger has his own attack plan eat in this order: Blue Tiger, Blue Fish, Blue Deer, Blue Parrot
Red Deer has his own attack plan eat in this order: Blue Fish, Blue Deer, Blue Parrot, Blue Tiger
Red Fish has his own attack plan eat in this order: Blue Fish, Blue Parrot, Blue Deer, Blue Tiger
Red Parrot has his own attack plan eat in this order: Blue Parrot, Blue Fish, Blue Deer, Blue Tiger

and vice versa for blue team ! ;) :)

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