Best attack order for groups of numbers trying to destroy each other, given a victory chance for number to number attack.

skybuck2000 at skybuck2000 at
Sun Dec 18 17:06:00 EST 2016

Dennis wrote:


	Instead you /now/ have ONE set of R marching down FOUR sets of B

	RT		RD		RF		RP	<-		attackers
	BT		BF		BF		BP			round 1
	BF		BD		BP		BF			round 2
	BD		BP		BD		BD			round 3
	BP		BT		BT		BT			round 4		

Yes this is how the problem works.

Also keep in mind that an attack is only valid if the target is still alive, otherwise the attacker would move to the next one.

So pre-computing an attack plan/outcome or storing it might not be so usefull for on color, since the other color might already be dead and thus attack plan was calculated incorrectly potentially.

So it's quite a difficult/complex/dynamic problem !

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