for loop iter next if file bad

Joaquin Alzola Joaquin.Alzola at
Wed Dec 21 04:55:45 EST 2016

>def return_files(file_list):
>    """
>    Take a list of files and return file when called.
>    Calling function to supply attributes
>    """
>    for file in file_list:
>        with open(os.path.join(dir_path, file), 'rb') as fd:
>            if os.stat( == 0:
>                next(file)
>            else:
>                yield fd

>Exact error is:

>C:\Users\Sayth\Anaconda3\envs\race\python.exe C:/Users/Sayth/PycharmProjects/bs4race/ data/ -e *.xml
>Traceback (most recent call last):
 > File "C:/Users/Sayth/PycharmProjects/bs4race/", line 98, in <module>
>    data_attr(rootObs)
>  File "C:/Users/Sayth/PycharmProjects/bs4race/", line 51, in data_attr
>    for xml_data in roots:
>  File "C:/Users/Sayth/PycharmProjects/bs4race/", line 32, in return_files
>    next(file)
>TypeError: 'str' object is not an iterator

The iterator is file_list not file.
File is a str. As the exception mentions.

I suppose you want there a "continue" to iterate to the next value in the file_list

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