SIP and PyQt5 Installation

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Thu Dec 22 21:00:17 EST 2016

On Thursday, December 22, 2016 at 5:32:31 PM UTC-8, churros... at wrote:
> Hello, I've been having troubles being able to integrate the PyQt5 GUI into my IDEs. I've used various example codes from the web to see if the library would import properly but the console sends me back an import error saying, "No module named PyQt5". Could someone provide me with the steps for not only the installation/configuring of SIP/PyQt but also the steps needed to integrate it to the eclipse IDE?

You need to specify your operating system.  I found installing PyQt and SIP to be quite simple on Ubuntu Linux, although I don't use Eclipse.  

You probably also should let people know whether you are using Python 2 or Python 3 (and if you're new to Python and don't have to work with legacy code, you will be better served by working in Py3).

About 18 months ago, I helped two people install PyQt and SIP on their machines, one Windows, one Mac.  I found it to be quite painful in both cases (and, sorry to say, I've forgotten the details).

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