[OT] Security question

Anssi Saari as at sci.fi
Fri Dec 30 06:47:06 EST 2016

"Frank Millman" <frank at chagford.com> writes:

> Hi all
> This is off-topic, but I would appreciate a comment on this matter.
> I have just upgraded my internet connection from ADSL to Fibre.
> As part of the process, my ISP sent a text message to my cell phone
> with the username and password I must use to connect.
> To my surprise, they sent me my existing username *and* my existing
> password, all in clear text.

I'd say it depends on what the password is actually used for. You seem
to indicate it's just so you can access the internet? To me it seems
abusing that password is hard to impossible since it's your fibre to
your home. If the password is used for access control for anything then
it's an awful practise.

In my case, I have one password for the email account my ISP provides
and another for their web management pages where I can buy more or get
rid of services and see my bills and such.

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