learning and experimenting python.

einstein1410 at gmail.com einstein1410 at gmail.com
Fri Dec 30 22:24:24 EST 2016

If you think I am wasting time, don't read my posts.
Why wasting your time in reading my post.

Are you having the answer of my question?
Till now no one is able to give answer, everybody just assuming something and answering. No answer is perfect that satisfy why it uses >>>. Except lan's answer.

Lan told that it is successor of ABC that's why it uses the >>> style.
Now I got my answer. But next question is Why it for ABC?
I know this is python group but it's reasonable doubt. If no doubts like this arises in your mind then you are just doing programming like Robot does and compiler converts the code in to machine language, it does not understand.
Same you are doing man.

Once again thanks a lot LAN for satisfiable answer.

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