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Sat Dec 31 00:46:32 EST 2016

On Sat, 31 Dec 2016 02:24 pm, einstein1410 at gmail.com wrote:

> Ethan,
> If you think I am wasting time, don't read my posts.
> Why wasting your time in reading my post.
> Are you having the answer of my question?
> Till now no one is able to give answer, everybody just assuming something
> and answering. No answer is perfect that satisfy why it uses >>>. 

Guido picked >>> because he likes the look of it. When you create your own
programming language, you can pick any prompt you like. Different programs,
shells and languages use many different styles of prompts:

Python:         >>>
iPython:        In [1]:
Ruby (irb):     irb(main):001:0>
bash:           [steve at ando ~]$
bash (root):    [steve at ando ~]#
DOS:            >
rhino:          js>
lua:            >
julia:          julia>
xion:           >
mutt:           :
ed:             (no prompt)
zsh:            [steve at ando]~%

It is completely a matter of personal taste.

“Cheer up,” they said, “things could be worse.” So I cheered up, and sure
enough, things got worse.

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