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mm0fmf none at invalid.com
Sat Dec 31 10:41:09 EST 2016

On 31/12/2016 15:27, Dennis Lee Bieber wrote:
> On Sat, 31 Dec 2016 12:04:57 +0000, mm0fmf <none at invalid.com> declaimed the
> following:
>> Though they do write road info upside down on the road surface,
>> typically XING with PED underneath. I had to ask what XINGPED meant till
>> my colleague driving said it was PEDXING, pedestrian crossing. Why write
>> it the wrong way though?
> 	For those I've encountered with multiple lines of text, the lines are
> placed in the order one sees them.
> 	Yes, in a helicopter they would be reversed, but from the view in a
> car, one sees the "PED" first, with the "XING" becoming visible as the
> "PED" begins to be blocked by the hood (or should I say "bonnet").
That could explain why there are so many crashes in the US, the drivers 
are looking at the road right in front of the hood/bonnet and not in the 
distance where you see XING and PED. I know some writing is written 
right to left and some is left to right and some is top to bottom but 
I've never come across bottom to top! ;-)

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