learning and experimenting python.

Deborah Swanson python at deborahswanson.net
Sat Dec 31 20:42:19 EST 2016

Erik wrote:
> Yes, my message was to everyone, using a quote from 
> 'einstein1410' that 
> I thought demonstrated the point.
> The vast majority of the messages in this thread are from 
> 'einstein' nd 
> are short, nonsensical retorts to others who are trying to be 
> helpful, 
> that just seem designed to get a further response and nothing more. 
> Whether or not it's on purpose, he's just trolling. <snip>
> E.

I quite agree, though it's hard to say what einstein's problem is.
He/She seems like a child to me, and that might explain why he/she
doesn't recognize the differences between internet services: Twitter,
mailing lists - moderated and not, newsgroups, etc - they're all "on the
internet". He/She doesn't seem to know where he is or what behavior is
appropriate to different services or even that there are differences,
like someone with little contact with these environments, and I'd guess
that Twitter is his/her model for how to do it. It's also likely that a
child would have fantasies about the meaning and importance of
unfamiliar things, and perhaps assume that some parent-like entity would
understand, explain and clean up after him/her.

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