Data storing

dieter dieter at
Tue Feb 2 03:29:38 EST 2016

Anup reni <foxprone.r52 at> writes:

> Hi I'm new to python and planning to make a web app which contains a large
> amount of data and involves comparing two data sets. Which is better to use
> in python, a Dictionary or Mysql?

Is it important for your data to be persistent (i.e. live across
restarts of your web app)? If so (and I assume this is the case), then
you need some form of persistence. "MySQL" comes with such persistency;
with a Python "dict" you would need persistency in addition.

For more guidance, a clearer description of "large amount" would
be necessary. Python "dict"s usually are maintained in memory;
data maintained there should not exceed the order of GB. In a "MySQL" database
you can store larger amounts of data.

Further considerations can be how you need to access the data sets.
Python "dict"s support efficient access by a single key; "MySQL"
supports various efficient access paths based on the indexes you define.

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