Reply to whom? (was: Efficient Wrappers for Instance Methods)

Ben Finney ben+python at
Wed Feb 3 16:50:59 EST 2016

Bernardo Sulzbach <mafagafogigante at> writes:

> Thanks for quoting, for some reason my client always replies to the
> person and not the list (on this list only).

You have a “reply to sender” command in your mail client; every client
has that. It seems that is what you used (it might just be named
“reply”). Such replies should not go to anyone else by default.

You *should* also have a “reply to list” command; if you don't, speak
sternly to whomever makes the mail client you're using (“reply to list”
has been around for decades), and until then switch to a better email

When you reply, decide who should receive the response, and choose
“reply to sender” or “reply to list” accordingly.

(You will also have a “reply to all” command. That's almost never
appropriate in a forum like this.)

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