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Ben Finney ben+python at
Wed Feb 3 20:09:36 EST 2016

Bernardo Sulzbach <mafagafogigante at> writes:

> For this list, and this list only (I likely could identify the issue
> by comparing raw messages, but I won't bother), when I hit 'r' I get
> the sender of the latest message.

This list is correctly configured; a “reply to sender” goes to the
sender address.

Some mailing lists are mis-configured to pretend that the list is the
sender; this is an abuse of the mail system and it thwarts the correct
behaviour of “reply to sender”.

> In this case, "rosuav at". So I have to start typing "pyt" to
> change it to the list, double tab to body, type, then Ctrl + Enter to
> send it after 30 seconds.

This is something to describe to the vendor of whichever mail program
you are using. Until they correct their software, there are many other
email clients you can use that do not misbehave this way, and correctly
interact with mailing list technology.

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