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Ben Finney ben+python at
Wed Feb 3 22:18:03 EST 2016

Bernardo Sulzbach <mafagafogigante at> writes:

> Mr. Finney, that would be Google itself.

Yep. You're the one who needs to interact with them because as a user of
the program, it's you they're trying to please (more than me, at least).

Can't work out how to interact with a corporation and get into
correspondence about a bug in their software? That's probably a good
sign you shouldn't be using their software :-)

> I have never bothered setting up a client such as Mutt and can't even
> name more than Outlook and Mutt.

You'll know your needs more than me. Maybe you could start with
Thunderbird (available in Debian as “Icedove” because of trademark
issues); that's a good all-round client that behaves well.

> I must say that the way you put it makes sense. A "reply" to the last
> message targeting its sender (the person that wrote it) is very
> reasonable indeed.

Thanks. This is a contentious issue, and some people want to mangle your
messages;but that doesn't mean it's still open for debate — one side is
right :-)

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