Daemon strategy

Ben Finney ben+python at benfinney.id.au
Fri Feb 5 13:52:36 EST 2016

paul.hermeneutic at gmail.com writes:

> It appears that python-deamon would be exactly what I need. Alas,
> appears not to run on Windows. If I am wrong about that, please tell
> me.

You're correct that ‘python-daemon’ uses Unix facilities to create a
well-behaved Unix daemon process.

Since MS Windows lacks those facilities, ‘python-daemon’ can't use them.

> To what tools should I turn?

If what you need – the support to create a Unix daemon process – is
available only on Unix by definition, it seems you'll need to deploy to

> I am not eager to produce a "service" on Windows unless it cannot be
> avoided.

Agreed :-)

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