Exception handling for socket.error in Python 3.5/RStudio

shaunak.bangale at gmail.com shaunak.bangale at gmail.com
Fri Feb 5 14:58:25 EST 2016

I am running this python script on R-studio. I have Python 3.5 installed on my system.

count = 10
while (count > 0):
    try :
        # read line from file:
        # parse
        count = count - 1
    except socket.error as e
        print('Connection fail', e)

# wait for user input to end
# input("\n Press Enter to exit...");
# close the SSLSocket, will also close the underlying socket
The error I am getting is here:

line 53 except socket.error as e ^ SyntaxError: invalid syntax

I tried changing socket.error to ConnectionRefusedError. and still got the same error.

Please tell me if the problem is with Rstudio, Python version or the syntax.


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