Issues with to run python

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Sat Feb 6 16:22:22 EST 2016

On Sat, Feb 6, 2016 at 2:10 PM, Dánisa Andrea Alejo García
<alejod.a at> wrote:

>  I am writing to you because I have downloaded Python,I have followed all the instructions, but for some reason I am  unable to use it.

This is a very common question of late.  If you search the list
archives, you will probably find your answer.  I'll just add that if
you are using Win XP, you can only use <= Python 3.4.x.  Win XP won't
work with >= Python 3.5.x.

But if by searching the archives you cannot answer your question, then
you will need to provide additional information:  What is your OS?
Which Python version are you trying to install?  What exact steps did
you take?  How did you attempt to start Python?  Etc.

> I am sending to you a  screen shot, so in that way you can have an idea  of what is going on. I have already  repaired and modified, but all the time I am back to the same screen, that shows the same different options that can appreciate on the screen shot that I am sending to you. Those options are :
> Modify
> Repair
> Uninstall

This is a plain text only list, so your screen shot attachment is useless here.


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