Set Operations on Dicts

Marco Kaulea marco.kaulea at
Mon Feb 8 04:56:43 EST 2016


In one talk (I think it was [1]) it was described that sets are basically
dicts without the values.
Therefor it should be easy to apply set operations on dicts, for example:
{'a': 123, 'b': 456} & {'a'} => {'a': 123}
{'a': 123, 'b': 456} - {'a'} => {'b': 456}

This if currently not implemented. Is there a technical reason that this is
difficult or are
there a lot of corner cases that make it not worth the trouble?

I have not spend a lot of time on this, I just needed a feature like that
and was surprised that
it did not exists.

- Marco


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