Confused by wxpython documentation

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Mon Feb 8 10:36:54 EST 2016

I'm playing around with some existing code that uses wxpython.  I've
been trying to understand a basic bit about the import statement and
so went to the beginning of the wxPython on line documents.

Going from the top to the "Hello World Example" (can't give URL as the
URL is the same for all the docs,
the first thing I see is some C/C++ code.  What's this about? How have
I got to the underlying C/C++ implementation rather than the Python

I realise the Python usage follows the underlying C/C++ very closely
but seeing the C/C++ doesn't really help me write my Python too much.

Looking more closely what I've actually been taken to is the wxWidgets
documentation which, not unreasonably, is in C/C++.

... but where do I find the Python documentation for this?

Chris Green

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