Syntax Highlightning for C API of CPython in VIM

Stephane Wirtel stephane at
Mon Feb 8 13:34:43 EST 2016

Hi everyone,

With my talk "Exploring our Python Interpreter", I think this VIM plugin 
can be useful for the community. It's a syntax highlighter for the C API 
of CPython 3.5 and 3.6. I used Clang for the parsing and automatically 
generated the keywords for VIM.

PyObject and the others typedefs of CPython will have the defined color 
of your favourite editor and it's the same for the enums, the typedefs, 
the functions and the macros.

Where can you use this VIM plugin ? If you want to write a CPython 
extension or if you want to hack in the CPython code.

Check this screenshot:

Here is the repository:

Please, if you see some issues, tell me via an issue on Github.

Thank you so much,


Stéphane Wirtel - - @matrixise

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