There has to be a better way to split this string!

Cameron Simpson cs at
Wed Feb 10 01:50:02 EST 2016

On 10Feb2016 07:34, srinivas devaki <mr.eightnoteight at> wrote:
>On Feb 10, 2016 7:23 AM, "srinivas devaki" <mr.eightnoteight at>
>> On Feb 10, 2016 6:56 AM, "Anthony Papillion" <anthony at>
>> > I am using to create a unique version of a filename.
>> > When the final file is named, it will look something like:
>> > myfile-2015-02-09-19-08-45-4223
>> You can easily do this(retrieving the tokens) using re module.
[... complicated suggestion for the inverse problem ...]
>I'm a stupid.
>as soon as I saw strftime it looked like strptime and I assumed he is
>trying to extract the tokens and wrote that stupid/unrelated mail.
>PS: trying to read mailing list when you are half woke, is a bad idea and
>trying reply to it is even bad idea.

Regrettably, when one is half awake one is unable to realise what a bad idea it 
may be:-)

Cameron Simpson <cs at>

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