Importing two modules of same name

Tim Johnson tim at
Wed Feb 10 14:26:48 EST 2016

* dieter <dieter at> [160209 23:03]:
> Carl Meyer <carl at> writes:
> > ...
> > If you omit the future-import in Python 2.7, `import config` will import
> > the neighboring app/ by default, and there is no way to import
> > the top-level
> There is the "__import__" builtin function which allows to specify
> the "parent package" indirectly via its "globals" parameter. This
> way, you can import the "top-level" config (passing an empty "globals").
  I used __import__ as part of a custom load() function that I used
  in my own framework when I was developing CGI sites. I never used
  the globals parameter tho'.
  If I start


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