Does anyone here use wxGlade on Linux?

Frank Miles fpm at
Thu Feb 11 11:41:11 EST 2016

On Thu, 11 Feb 2016 14:29:04 +0000, cl wrote:

> I am trying out wxGlade on Linux, version 0.7.1 of wxGlade on xubuntu
> 15.10.
> I have already written something using wxPython directly so I have the
> basics (of my Python skills and the environment) OK I think.
> I am having a lot of trouble getting beyond the first hurdle of
> creating a trivial Python GUI with wxGlade.  Some of the problem is no
> doubt that I'm unfamiliar with the interface but I seem to repeatedly
> get to a situation where the interface won't respond to mouse clicks
> (though the main menu items still work, I can Exit OK for instance).
> Is wxPython still buggy or is it really just down to my lack of
> familiarity with it?

Sure, there are bugs in wxPython, but they are "minor".  I haven't tried
using wxGlade, but if it's anything like the glade I tried using long ago
there are issues in getting the two working together.

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