Cygwin and Python3

Thu Feb 11 13:18:44 EST 2016

Terry Reedy <tjreedy at> writes:

>>> Since Python runs natively in Windows, why are you trying to run it
>>> with Cygwin? I'm not implying that you shouldn't, just offhand I don't
>>> see a reason for it.
>> I do it because it's easier to install third party packages, those that
>> need an external library to run. Cygwin come with a lot of lib* and
>> lib*-devel that permit to just run `pip install xxx' if not already
>> packaged. I gave a try on the native Windows version and Anaconda but
>> there is at least one package that I could not run (and I loosed
>> a lot of time to compile a bunch of libraries).
>> Example of package: pyproj (proj4), openpyxl with lxml (libxml2,
>> libxslt) and pillow (libjpeg, zlib, libtiff, ...), psycopg2 (libpq).
> I belive these are all available at

How do you know when an upgrade is available?

Benoit Izac

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