Python Not Working as expected on Win 8 and above.

Christopher Reimer christopher_reimer at
Sat Feb 13 12:30:55 EST 2016

On 2/13/2016 5:35 AM, MWS wrote:
> Just to add to the above discussion, i find that when my workplace
> updated from win 7 to win 8.1 with fresh install, i downloaded the
> official python 3.5 and installed it.  Everything went well during
> installation, but, i couldn't find the default install python directory
> (maybe i didn't pay attention earlier), later, after some scratching my
> head and other intelligent thoughts and experiments i found it got
> installed in the users hidden appdata folder by default(confusing as i
> expected it to either get installed in a root folder or program files
> and also wondering why).

Based on my experience with installing Python 3.5.0, I ran into the same 
problem by clicking on the "Download Python 3.5.0" link on the Python 
download page and used the python-3.5.0.exe installer. Since nothing 
worked as I expected, I uninstalled that installer version of Python.

Digging through the specific release section, I downloaded the Windows 
x86-64 executable installer (python-3.5.0-amd64.exe). That installer 
behaved exactly as I expected. In fact, this is the installer I've 
always used for previous versions.

Besides the focus of the content files, the python-3.5.0.exe and 
python-3.5.0-amd64.exe installers don't behave exactly the same.


Chris R.

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