problem with dateutil

Mark Lawrence breamoreboy at
Sat Feb 13 16:01:01 EST 2016

On 13/02/2016 17:58, Tom P wrote:
> I am writing a program that has to deal with various date/time formats
> and convert these into timestamps. It looks as if dateutil.parser.parse
> should be able to handle about any format, but what I get is:
> datetimestr = '2012-10-22 11:22:33'
> print(dateutil.parser.parse(datetimestr))
> result: datetime.datetime(2012, 10, 22, 11, 22, 33)
> However:
> datetimestr = '2012:10:22 11:22:33'
> print(dateutil.parser.parse(datetimestr))
> result: datetime.datetime(2016, 2, 13, 11, 22, 33)
> In other words, it's getting the date wrong when colons are used to
> separate YYYY:MM:DD. Is there a way to include this as a valid format?


     This parameter allows one to change how the string is parsed, by 
using a different parserinfo class instance. Using it you may, for 
example, intenationalize the parser strings, or make it ignore 
additional words.


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