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Geoff Munn geoff.munn at
Sun Feb 14 08:39:20 EST 2016


Noob at the Python thing so here goes,

I have copied a program to demonstrate control structures in Python but get a syntax error at line 31, isint = False. I'm using Python 2.7.6 and Linux Mint based around ubuntu14.04.1. I have pasted all the code below,

#!/usr/bin/env python2

We are going to write a program that will ask for the user to input an arbitary
number of integers, store them in a collection, and then demonstrate how
the collection would be used with various control structures

import sys  # Used for the sys.exit function

target_int=raw_input("How many integers?")

By now the variable target_int contains a string representation of
whatever the user typed. We nee to try and convert that to an integer but
be ready to deal with the error if it's not. Otherwise the program will crash

except ValueError:
    sys.exit("You must enter an integer")

ints=list()  # list to store the integers

count = 0  # Track how many integers have been inputted

# Keep asking for a number until we have reached the required number
while count < target_int:
    new_int=raw_input("Please enter integer {0}:".format(count +1)
    isint = False
        new_int=int(new_int)  # If the above succeeds then isint will 
        #be set to true: isint = True
        print("You must enter an integer")
    Only carry on if we have an integer. If not we will loop again.
    The == below is a comparision operator, a single = is an asignment operator
    if isnit==True:
        ints.append(new_int)  # Adds the integer to the collection
        count += 1  # Count is incremented by 1
# The for loop
    print ("Using a for loop")
    for values in ints:
        print (str(value))
# The while loop
    print ("Using a while loop")
    total=len(ints)  # We already have the total from above but using len we can determine from the ints list.
    count = 0
    while count < total:
        print (str(ints[count]))
        count += 1

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