Considering migrating to Python from Visual Basic 6 for engineering applications

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> > It seems Python is used more for web based applications. Is it equally
> fine for creating stand-alone *.exe's? Can the same code be compiled to run
> on Linux or Android or web-based?
> Standalone EXEs are hit and miss.  I've had best luck deploying just as
> Python scripts to machines with an expectation that the environment is
> already configured (i.e. Python already installed).
> You don't compile, you interpret.  So long as you've got the
> interpreter on the target platform you're set.  The EXE tools out there
> do so by bundling your plain-text source up with the interpreter
> environment.
> Packaging/distribution remains one of the real pain points in Python.

Python is used for much more then web based applications.
The latest versions of pyInstaller ( are
incredibly good at generating single-file binaries for both Windows and
We’re using pyInstaller to distribute applications based on some fairly
complex frameworks—including wxPython (
which is one option for building GUI applications.


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