Considering migrating to Python from Visual Basic 6 for engineering applications

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Thu Feb 18 09:07:36 EST 2016

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> I am mostly getting positive feedback for Python.
> It seems Python is used more for web based applications. Is it equally fine for creating stand-alone *.exe's? Can the same code be compiled to run on Linux or Android or web-based?
> Is it possible to create GUI elements with a good IDE? Can they be defined like in Visual Basic with given sizes, fonts, visible/invisible, etc.?
> Is it easy to do matrix operations in Python? Or do I need to write subroutines like in Visual Basic?
> Could someone kindly tell me advantages and disadvantages of Python? Or any better options? I have like 40-50 VB Forms and may be around 20000 lines of code. It will be a task to learn a new language and translate/re-write that code.

At this point you’ve probably heard more than you wanted to *about* Python.  The next step really ought to be simply to invest a few minutes in looking at the language itself.
Start here by downloading a copy of the Python interpreter:

Then, there is an extensive list of on-line tutorial material here:

I’d recommend simply picking one and diving in. If you have questions (and you surely will), come back here or, at least initially, send them to the Python Tutor list (tutor at

Good luck and have fun,

> Thanks for your responses. 
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