Considering migrating to Python from Visual Basic 6 for engineering applications

Dietmar Schwertberger maillist at
Thu Feb 18 15:37:19 EST 2016

On 18.02.2016 18:49, wrong.address.1 at wrote:
> What do I lose by using an external library?
With using matplotlib for your plots, you can easily create many kinds 
of plots.
On the other hand, if integration with MS Office is a concern, other 
options may be more suitable for you as matplotlib can not export 
EMF/WMF files any more. (Using svg or pdf as intermediate format is 
possible, but no fun.)
With the drawing function of e.g. wxPython or PyQt you can either draw 
on the screen or into a Metafile context using the same code. So you can 
easily export high quality vector graphics via clipboard or file.



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