can try expect have if else.

Ganesh Pal ganesh1pal at
Sun Feb 21 12:39:30 EST 2016

On Sun, Feb 21, 2016 at 10:37 PM, Ben Finney <ben+python at> wrote:

> What result do you get when running that code? What empirical reason do
> you have to think it would work or not work?

I wanted to know was is it good to have if else with in a try expect
block ,  I was checking more from the programming perspective  and if
I need to avoid it and if its recommended

>> 2. How can the above code be improved
> The following sequence of statements::
>     raise Exception("/nfs_mount is not mounted. Dataset create failed !!!")
>     return False
> do not make sense. The ‘return‛ statement will never be reached. So your
> intent must be something other than what is expressed by that code.

 I was using it with create_data function in the below code .  If
create_dataset failed the exception would be caught  , I think you are
right I need not worry about returning False

    functions = [create_logdir, create_dataset]
    for func in functions:
        except Exception as e:
            return False


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