Could not find suitable distribution for Requirement.parse('urllib2')

Peter Otten __peter__ at
Wed Feb 24 09:45:40 EST 2016

jdege at wrote:

> I've been running a simple python program on my Linux Mint 13 box for some
> years that depends upon
> I'm currently moving to a new Linux Mint 17 box, and I'm trying to move
> the program. I'm having a problem with installing
> The package comes with a
>     from setuptools import setup
>     setup(
>         name='pythings',
>         py_modules=['pythings'],
>         version='0.1',
>         description='Python Library for interfacing with Withings API',
>         install_requires=['simplejson', 'urllib2', 'hashlib'],
>     )
> When I run the install (sudo python install) I get an error:
>     Could not find suitable distribution for Requirement.parse('urllib2')
> Any ideas on how I should proceed? Is there some repository that contains
> urllib2 that needs to be added to the setuptools configuration?  Is there
> some new library that has supplanted urllib2?
> Help would be appreciated.

If you are using Python 2 try replacing

>         install_requires=['simplejson', 'urllib2', 'hashlib'],


as the last two dependencies are probably already satisfied by the standard 

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