asyncmongo + python 3: No module named 'errors'

Nagy László Zsolt gandalf at
Thu Feb 25 03:46:00 EST 2016

> Yes.
> I recommend you to use motor [1].
> * [1]
Thanks. I have checked motor, and here are some problems with it:

* I cannot install it with "pip3 install motor", because it is trying to
downgrade (!!!) pymongo to version 2.8, but it fails to do so. There
might be a binary version available somewhere. Is there a reason why it
works with pymongo 2.8 only?
* The API works with callbacks. I would like to use an API that has
await-able method.

I'm at early stage of development, so I can migrate to a different nosql
database. Is there a good nosql alternative? My requirements are:

* scalable and fault tolerant - data can be distributed between multiple
* can be run as a portable application
* tornado compatible Python API with awaitable methods instead of callbacks


*- pymongo knows all, except that it is not async
- ayncmongo does not work with python 3
- motor requires downgraded pymongo, and it has no awaitable methods

I have found codernitydb 
which seems to be able to do sharding, but I'm not sure if it can be
setup as a fault tolerant server.



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