The Real-Time Use of Python in Data Science World!

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On Fri, Feb 26, 2016 at 2:35 PM, Anita Goyal <anitagoyal571 at>

> This course will help you to expertise the usage of Python in Data Science
> world.
> Carter your Python Knowledge so that it can be utilized to get the
> Insights of Data using Methodologies and Techniques of Data Science...
> Objective:
> Understand the concepts of Data science and Python
> You will be able to use Python in Discovering Data.
> You will have an idea of Statistical and Analytical methods to deal with
> huge data sets.
> You will gain an expertise on Regular Expressions, looping functions and
> concepts of Object Oriented Programming.
> You will be able to create business algorithms and data models using
> Python and it's techniques.
> Work on Real-life Projects will help you to get a practical experience of
> real scenarios of IT Industry.
> Start learning Python for Data Science from basics to advance levels
> here...
> --

Second post by this person.  Both advertising classes for a fee.  Is this
proper posting?  I tend to think it is spam
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