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Terry Reedy tjreedy at
Sat Feb 27 03:33:14 EST 2016

On 2/26/2016 9:49 AM, Oscar Benjamin wrote:
> On 26 February 2016 at 13:30, Peter Otten <__peter__ at> wrote:
>> Shweta Dinnimani wrote:
>>>> hello, I'm begineer to python programming.. I had installed python 3.5.1
>>>> version on my windows 7 system. I was fine earlier and now when i was
>>>> trying the programs on string i'm facing the subprocess startup error.
>>>> IDLE is not connecting. And python shell is also not opening. I tried
>>>> uninstalling and installing the python shell but Im facing the
>>>> problem.Please do help me

What do you mean by 'python shell' and how do you uninstall and install it?

>>> forgot to mention..
>>> i saved my file as since than i'm facing this error
>> Rename that file to something that does not clash with the module names in
>> the standard library, for example, and IDLE should work again.
> It's ridiculous that it's this easy to accidentally crash IDLE and the
> Python shell.

I agree and hope to fix this for IDLE before the next round of releases. 
Any Python app that does *not* want to import non-stdlib files on 
startup must remove '' from sys.path.  Console python should not be 
affected by files in the current working directory.

Terry Jan Reedy

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