Error in Tree Structure

subhabangalore at subhabangalore at
Sat Feb 27 04:17:45 EST 2016

I was trying to implement the code, 

import nltk
import nltk.tag, nltk.chunk, itertools
def ieertree2conlltags(tree, tag=nltk.tag.pos_tag):
    words, ents = zip(*tree.pos())
    iobs = []
    prev = None
    for ent in ents:
        if ent == tree.node:
            prev = None
        elif prev == ent:
             iobs.append('I-%s' % ent)
             iobs.append('B-%s' % ent)
             prev = ent
    words, tags = zip(*tag(words))
    return itertools.izip(words, tags, iobs)

def ieer_chunked_sents(tag=nltk.tag.pos_tag):
    for doc in ieer.parsed_docs():
        tagged = ieertree2conlltags(doc.text, tag)
        yield nltk.chunk.conlltags2tree(tagged)

from chunkers import ieer_chunked_sents, ClassifierChunker
from nltk.corpus import treebank_chunk
ieer_chunks = list(ieer_chunked_sents())
chunker = ClassifierChunker(ieer_chunks[:80])
print chunker.parse(treebank_chunk.tagged_sents()[0])
score = chunker.evaluate(ieer_chunks[80:])
print score.accuracy()

It is running fine. 
But as I am trying to rewrite the code as,
chunker = ClassifierChunker(list1),
where list1 is same value as,
only I am pasting the value as 
[Tree('S', [Tree('LOCATION', [(u'NAIROBI', 'NNP')]), (u',', ','), Tree('LOCATION', [(u'Kenya', 'NNP')]), (u'(', '('), Tree('ORGANIZATION', [(u'AP', 'NNP')]), (u')', ')'), (u'_', 'NNP'), Tree('CARDINAL', [(u'Thousands', 'NNP')]), (u'of', 'IN'), (u'laborers,', 'JJ'), (u'students', 'NNS'), (u'and', 'CC'), (u'opposition', 'NN'), (u'politicians', 'NNS'), (u'on', 'IN'), Tree('DATE', [(u'Saturday', 'NNP')]), (u'protested', 'VBD'), (u'tax', 'NN'), (u'hikes', 'NNS'), (u'imposed', 'VBN'), (u'by', 'IN'), (u'their', 'PRP$'), (u'cash-strapped', 'JJ'), (u'government,', 'NN'), (u'which', 'WDT'), (u'they', 'PRP'), (u'accused', 'VBD'), (u'of', 'IN'), (u'failing', 'VBG'), (u'to', 'TO'), (u'provide', 'VB'), (u'basic', 'JJ'), (u'services.', 'NN'),....(u'(cm-kjd)', 'NN')])]
the value of whole list directly I am getting syntax error.
I tried to paste it in Python IDE outside code there also it is giving syntax error. 
If I do not paste the value and and rename ieer_chunks[:80] as list1 there is no error.
I may be doing some problem while copying the value and pasting it. 
But I did not change anything there.

Is it any error in Python part or in NLTK part? 

Thanks in advance.
If any one may guide me what is the error I am doing and how may I solve it.


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