Everything good about Python except GUI IDE?

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Sat Feb 27 13:13:21 EST 2016

On Saturday, 27 February 2016 18:08:36 UTC+2, Dietmar Schwertberger  wrote:
> On 27.02.2016 12:18, wrong.address.1 at gmail.com wrote:
> > Isn't there any good GUI IDE like Visual Basic? I hope there are some less well known GUI IDEs which I did not come across. Thanks.
> As of today, there's no Python GUI builder comparable to VB 6.

Thanks for stating this clearly. Everyone here has been trying to show me various ways to do the kind of things I will want to, but nobody clearly admits the limitations I will have to accept if I start with Python.

I am starting to wonder if VB.net would be a better solution for the time being. I have learnt enough VB.net to manage my work but it is bloated and Microsoft dependent.

> There are some like QtDesigner or wxGlade, but they either don't 
> generate Python code directly or they can only be used if you know the 
> underlying toolkit good enough to create the GUI yourself. You may try 
> out some, but I can almost guarantee you that you will come to the same 
> result.
> If you want a GUI, create it yourself using either wxPython or PyQt.

I will check it. I got the impression that you can create a GUI but that has to be converted to Python, and then you need a wrapper to put these forms in, and then they can be compiled or converted to *.exe with py2exe. Not a good way for development/debugging.

> For engineering applications that's probably the weakest point that 
> Python has.
> It's holding back a lot of people...
> Well, for most measurement or control software a GUI is not really 
> needed, but still people want it.

In the 1980s everyone was happy with inputs from the command line on a line editor, but today people expect GUIs with graphics and often even animations.

It is surprising that a language which seems very popular does not have GUI development infrastructure in place these many years after it got into common use.

> Regards,
> Dietmar

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