list index out of range Error , need to fix it or ignore it

Ganesh Pal ganesh1pal at
Sun Feb 28 03:30:14 EST 2016

> what is run(...)
The run (_ is a wrapper it uses suprocess.Popen and returns  stdout
,error and extitcod e

> not a good idea to have catchall exception
how to fix this ?

>> >             return False
>> > if __name__ == '__main__':
>> >       main()
>> >
>> --
> copy and paste your traceback

I get  " ERROR:root:list index out of range" error  if the file  is
not found in any of the machine , I dont have a trackback back

def check_file():
   Run the command parallel on all the machines , if there is a
file named /tmp/file2.txt  extract file2.txt

    global filename
    file = ''
    cmd = ("run_al_paral 'ls -al %s'" % (filename))
    stdout, stderr, exitcode = run(cmd)
    lines = stdout.strip().split('\n')
    for line in lines:
        if 'exited' in lines:

        file = lines[0].split()[9][6:]
    print file
    return file

def main():
    functions = [check_file]
    for func in functions:
        except Exception as e:
            return False
if __name__ == '__main__':

1. But if the file is not present we get index out of range error , do
we need to fix this or its expected ? or its ok.

machine-4# python
isi_for_array 'ls -al /tmp2/2.txt'
machine-2 exited with status 1
machine-1 exited with status 1
machine-4 exited with status 1
machine-5 exited with status 1
machine-3 exited with status 1

['machine-2 exited with status 1', 'machine-1 exited with status 1',
'machine-4 exited with status 1', 'machine-5 exited with status 1',
'machine-3 exited with status 1']
ERROR:root:list index out of range

3. Any other tips to improve the program

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