Everything good about Python except GUI IDE?

Dietmar Schwertberger maillist at schwertberger.de
Sun Feb 28 07:38:33 EST 2016

On 28.02.2016 13:23, Sven R. Kunze wrote:
> I recently introduced LaTeX to my girlfriend. LaTeX is quite ugly and 
> it has this "distinct compile/execute step", so initially I hesitated 
> to show it to her. But her MS Word experience got worse and worse the 
> more complex (and especially larger) her workload became. Word became 
> less responsive and results became even less reproducible (footnote 
> numbering, styling, literature, etc.).
Well, MS Word is a bad example, as it's lacking even some very basic 
features like a good user interface for styles. (This is the reason why 
most people are using Word just like a typwriter instead of creating 
structured documents.)
There were and probably still are better word processors, especially for 
scientific use.

The discussion here is not about "any GUI builder", but about a "good 
and easy to use GUI builder".



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