Everything good about Python except GUI IDE?

BartC bc at freeuk.com
Sun Feb 28 08:07:21 EST 2016

On 28/02/2016 12:54, Rustom Mody wrote:
> On Sunday, February 28, 2016 at 6:08:44 PM UTC+5:30, BartC wrote:

>> You have to give someone some shopping to do. What's quicker, jotting
>> down a list of milk, bread, eggs and so on, or invoking some GUI program
>> where you have to first look for each category, then have to choose the
>> exact subcategory, size, quantity...
> Dunno what that has to do with GUI
> It seems to be to do with 'coding-up'

It's comparing a drag-and-drop approach with just writing a list or 
script using text. And in a situation where there can be thousands of 

To extend it further, imagine having to write a document using a mouse 
rather than a keyboard. And doing so by having to bring up the right 
word each time and drag it into place. It would take forever.

Going back to GUI for creating dialogs, it just doesn't work for me 
(admittedly I've never tried it except for some tinkering decades ago). 
The first dialog I create will be bound to have a conditional layout 
which depends on parameters now known until runtime. Or when one element 
has a dependency on another.


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