Recommendation for GUI lib?

Nick Sarbicki nick.a.sarbicki at
Thu Jun 2 07:09:20 EDT 2016

> >
> > Do you have any recommendations? Primary platforms are OS X and Linux.
> >
> > I, of course, want to have "standard" widgets but a "calendar
> > view"/"date picker" is a plus.

I generally use PyQt which is one of two (the other being pyside) python
wrappers for the Qt libraries.

PyQt is the only one I know which currently supports Qt5+ so gets my vote.
There are loads of resources around - works well on all operating systems
(with most Qt5 having some focus on mobile). It comes with a ton of
utilities and a really nice GUI editor (

There are a lot of resources around and, as predicted, already has some
examples of date pickers:

- Nick.

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