Recommendation for GUI lib?

Dietmar Schwertberger maillist at
Thu Jun 2 17:57:22 EDT 2016

On 02.06.2016 12:35, John Pote wrote:
> I've used wxPython ( for a few GUI projects and found 
> it ok. It's a wrapper for the wxWidgets C++ library. There's even a 
> reasonable free GUI builder, wxGlade, which I use as I prefer 
> constructing GUI's that way rather than writing raw wxPython code. 
> Never tried any of the paid for GUI builders.
> Disadvantage is the download page only provides builds for Python 2.6 
> or 2.7.
> Does anyone know how Project Phoenix is coming on? 
> shows wxPython working with 
> Python 3.2.
> Comments on how stable it is and how easy to install would be helpful.
I have been using Phoenix now for half a year and are very happy with 
it. A release is on its way. For most platforms there are snapshot 
builds which are easy to install.

See e.g.

The snapshot installation does not include the demo and the .chm help 
file (yet?). These and the book I found to be the most helpful resources 
(much more usable than online reference documentation as e.g. with Qt).

I think that wxGlade is the most promising Python GUI builder and I'm 
confident that it will see improvements to increase usability. I have 
tried some others from time to time, including also QtCreator, but none 
was really convincing.



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