Recommendation for Object-Oriented systems to study

Bob Martin bob.martin at
Fri Jun 3 07:14:05 EDT 2016

in 760378 20160602 131534 Alan Evangelista <alanoe at> wrote:
>On 06/02/2016 02:44 AM, Lawrence D�Oliveiro wrote:
>> On Monday, May 30, 2016 at 7:17:47 AM UTC+12, Alan Evangelista wrote:
>>> - Java forces everything to be implemented in OO model (classes)
>> After you have spend a few months battering your head against the rigidity and verbosity of Java,
>> you will run back to Python with a sense of relief.
>The point was which programming language was better to teach object oriented concepts,
>rigidity and verbosity has nothing to do with this. Most of this discussion has leaned towards
>other criteria beyond adherence to OO paradigm (eg static typing vs dynamic typing and
>personal taste), so I have chosen to not continue it.
>For some reason, Java still one of the most used programming languages to teach OO
>in universities. In real life projects, people has the freedom to choose whatever they
>prefer, though.  =)

Rarely; the employer usually decides which language(s) to use.

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