Multiple inheritance, super() and changing signature

Nagy László Zsolt gandalf at
Fri Jun 3 08:57:52 EDT 2016

>> But I have to initialize some default attributes.
> Then the statement “there is NOTHING else here” must be false. Either
> the custom ‘__init__’ does something useful, or it doesn't.
Well... the custom __init__ method with nothing else just a super() call
was expressed there to show the super() call explicitly, and to
emphasize that in that particular class, super() is used instead of an
explicit base method call. It is not a pattern to be followed, just
syntactic sugar for the sake of the example.

So you are right: the custom __init__ in the  BootstrapDesktop class is
not really needed, and does not do anything useful in that particular

My original statement was this: "I have to initialize some default
attributes", and for that I need to pass arguments. The truthness of
this statement is not affected by adding a useless override of a method
(with the very same parameters). Even though I see that you are right in
what you wrote, I think I don't understand the point because it seem

> All this is covered in Raymond Hettinger's material, so it's best that I
> just leave you to read that.
Is it available in written form? I have tried to watch the video, but
the sound quality is so poor that I cannot understand. I have tried to
search for a better one, but that is a different one. :-(

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