Recommendation for GUI lib?

John Pote johnhpote at
Sat Jun 4 19:08:54 EDT 2016

On 02/06/2016 22:57, Dietmar Schwertberger wrote:

> On 02.06.2016 12:35, John Pote wrote:
>> I've used wxPython ( for a few GUI projects and 
>> found it ok. It's a wrapper for the wxWidgets C++ library. There's 
>> even a reasonable free GUI builder, wxGlade, which I use as I prefer 
>> constructing GUI's that way rather than writing raw wxPython code. 
>> Never tried any of the paid for GUI builders.
>> Disadvantage is the download page only provides builds for Python 2.6 
>> or 2.7.
>> Does anyone know how Project Phoenix is coming on? 
>> shows wxPython working with 
>> Python 3.2.
>> Comments on how stable it is and how easy to install would be helpful.
> I have been using Phoenix now for half a year and are very happy with 
> it. A release is on its way. For most platforms there are snapshot 
> builds which are easy to install.
> See e.g. 
> The snapshot installation does not include the demo and the .chm help 
> file (yet?). These and the book I found to be the most helpful 
> resources (much more usable than online reference documentation as 
> e.g. with Qt).
> I think that wxGlade is the most promising Python GUI builder and I'm 
> confident that it will see improvements to increase usability. I have 
> tried some others from time to time, including also QtCreator, but 
> none was really convincing.
> Regards,
> Dietmar
Qt and Qt Creator often come up in searches for Python GUI libraries. I 
need to decide weather to upgrade to wxPython.Phoenix and Python 3.5 (as 
soon as I upgrade to win 7!) or switch to Qt which I don't know at all. 
It would be interesting to hear your experiences of trying Qt and why 
you've stuck with wxPython in the end.


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