Recommendation for GUI lib?

Dietmar Schwertberger maillist at
Tue Jun 7 14:08:28 EDT 2016

On 07.06.2016 09:22, Nick Sarbicki wrote:
> I think that's a bit of an unfair statement. Sure conversion can be a 
> bit of a pain and there is some setup for getting the classes working. 
> But that is generally a small static piece of code you can find all 
> over the net, which is then usable for most projects.
The small static piece will just import the GUI. Still then, if the GUI 
actually serves a purpose, you need to address all the controls and 
events yourself. At that point, you will soon find that you need to know 
as much as if you created the GUI in code.
Anway, for GUI development I recommend using a good debugger like that 
of Wing IDE. Just set a breakpoint or wait for an exception and then 
write the GUI in the debugger utilizing the introspection features.

> But for me, once past the understanding, coding GUIs by hand is about 
> as dull as it gets. Qt creator definitely makes the work go faster.
For starting into wxPython I did use wxDesigner. For the first steps 
into Qt (PySide at that time), I did use Qt Creator.
But beyond the the first steps and getting used to sizers, currently 
you're better off with coding the GUI, probably utilizing your previous 
code for copy&paste (or with wxPython, copy&paste from the demo).
Still, I would like to see a decent GUI builder with RAD features 
enabling also newcomers to write GUI programs.
Most GUI programs just need a form to enter something and a start or 
save button to trigger the action. The steep learning curve for Python 
GUIs is holding back many people from using Python for e.g. measurement 
automatization. It's almost impossible to 'sell' a console-only 
environment in corporate environments. And the process that is required 
to implement a GUI using Qt Designer is not much of an improvement either.
IMHO, as of today the only GUI builder that could be developed into this 
RAD direction is wxGlade. For Qt Designer it would be possible to bridge 
the gap by adapting an IDE, though (like Eric tries).



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