Recommendation for GUI lib?

Roland Koebler r.koebler at
Tue Jun 7 17:45:32 EDT 2016


the two "big" GUI toolkits on Linux are GTK+ and Qt.

Both are free, have Python bindings and a graphical GUI designer, and both
have ports for Windows and Mac OS X. Qt does have a better cross-platform-
support and supports more platforms, but GTK+3 also works for Linux, Mac
OS X and Windows.

I myself prefer and recommend GTK+ (, with Glade
( as GUI-builder. I'm using it with Python
for many years now. The major downside is, that the GTK+-documentation
is mainly written for C, but there are many tutorials about Python + GTK+
out there, e.g.
But be sure to use GTK+3 and the PyGObject/PyGI-binding and not the old
PyGTK-binding (and ideally Python 3).
You may also have a look at

You can also try Qt (, and one of its Python-bindings.
But I was never happy with Qt and think some GUI-concepts of GTK+ are much
better than the ones of Qt, and I like Glade much more than the Qt designer.

best regards

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