how to solve memory

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> Do you have a question for the list? If so, please state what it is, and
> describe what you are doing and what isn't working.  If you can boil it
> down to a dozen lines of run-able, self-contained code that illustrates
> the problem, that is helpful too.

there are six operator, and a logic table initial in b variable


are just like vlookup to find output of each operator 
acting on first column and second column, second column and third column
, first column and third column

and searching a output columns which is result sum is 27*2
and record the path if succeed, 
it record the path  and output any path which has result is 27*2 described before
op1(op2(op3(op1(op2(),),op1(op2(),))), op1(op2(),))

there are two cases, first cases b are logic table 
later case are for six operators acting on the result column from previous result before recursive call

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