is there a big in python 3.5.1 shell?

Listo Amugongo listoamugongo at
Sun Jun 12 11:39:54 EDT 2016

In my attarchment above is a screenshot of my session.
Screenshot describtion:
In my first elif  function (first code block) I deliberately programmed an indention error.i did it purposely to make my point clear and the point is Python 3.5.1 shell* gives a synatax error after I run the elif function.
It does not  matter how correctly you indent your code block.however  this is not the case when I code in Python 3.5.1 which I open using the windows command Line prompt  c:\python.

I’m new to Python and I’m wondering if there’s something I don’t know or doing wrong.Furthermore the Python shell won’t display the continuation line three dots(…).which is also not the case in Python 3.5.1.
Any feedback will be highly regarded.

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